In Part 1 of our Fanatec DD2 Review series, I touched on how important a role the drivers and software play both in terms of ease of use, as well as the overall driving experience and feel of a sim racing wheel, particularly a Direct Drive wheel.

Most of us have experienced how bad Force Feedback can feel when things aren’t set up right. As the motor is connected directly to your hands with no cogs or belts to dampen any “weirdness”, the difference between something that feels OK and something that feels exceptional can come entirely down to software.

So today we take a look at Fanatec’s latest version 352 driers, which introduce some “gamechanging” new filters and features, as well as Fanatec’s new Fanalab software which gives users greater control over the nuances of their driving experience.

Tomorrow we’ll get into the driving experience and my conclusions on the DD2.


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