The paints have finally arrived so it’s time to get the headlight facias painted up.

In this video I show you how it’s done, and explain a few tips and techniques to ensure a profesional and long lasting result.

It is extremely important to choose the right type of paint for the job. I always use “Krylon Fusion for Plastic” as it includes a Plastic Adhesion Primer as a component of the spray and therefore doesn’t require any sanding or surface preperation other than cleaning.

As with any spray painting job, the key to success is multiple thin coats in a dust free environment, so be patient and plan your workspace appropriately befor getting started.

It is also EXTREMELY important to allow the paint time to cure before reassembling your lights. While the paint is curing, gasses are emitted, and if trapped inside sealed lights will leave a cloudy residue on the inside of the lenses which is very difficult to clean off. I always leave lights for a week before I put them back together to allow the paint time to cure.

High temperature Engine Enamels can take months to cure, so it’s best not to use these for painting headlights.