Asetek SimSports are a relative newcomer to the Direct Drive market, having only released their first wheel base about a year ago at the time of writing. Their first product, the Invicta hydraulic sim racing pedals were released about a year before that.

However they are a division of a much larger company in Asetek who make a lot of the All-In-One water cooling products you probably have in your gaming PC, as well as for huge server farms, etc, so despite their relatively small market share in Sim racing, they are a big company with a lot of money behind them to innovate in the sim racing space. They came straight out of the gate with impressively well refined products, and their ecosystem is maturing quickly.

Asetek Simsports market their products in 3 distinct tiers which are intended to suit the needs and budget of sim racers within the mid to high end market. However they have taken a unique approach to this, and where other brands sacrifice build quality and materials in their lower end hardware, Asetek Simsports removes features like extra buttons, LED lighting, motor strength, etc to reduce the price of their cheaper products.

This means not only are the materials used and the overall build quality is consistent across the range, but many of their products can be upgraded from La Prima spec to Forte. Pretty cool!

    As part of our Essential Direct Drive Sim Racing Buyer's Guide we covered the most important details of the Asetek ecosystem.

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Asetek SimSports Pros and Cons


  • Industry leading Force Feedback quality
  • Outstanding quick release and open ecosystem that allows just about any wheel to be used wirelessly with their bases
  • Clean and easy to use software despite being feature rich
  • Products are cross compatible between product ranges and in some cases even upgradeable without the need to buy a whole new device
  • Outstanding customer service as reported by most customers we’ve spoken to
  • Rapidly expanding network of partner wheel manufacturers
  • Backed by a large parent company with greater resources than some smaller competitors.


  • No Native Console Compatibility
  • Limited ecosystem with no shifter or handbrake at the time of writing
  • Current wheels are…. let’s say “polarising” in their visual design
  • Products use a different mounting pattern to well established competitors which means you may have to drill holes in some cockpits to mount properly