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Logitech is one of the first brands that come to mind for anyone starting out in Sim Racing.  Most Sim Racers would have started their journey on Logitech Sim Racing gear. Such as the Logitech G27 or G920, or more recently their latest entry-level sim racing wheel and pedal set, the Logitech G923. As a plug and play complete sim racing system compatible with PC, XBOX and Playstation, Logitech G series racing wheels are an obvious choice to get started with as little fuss as possible. And despite there being a world of high-end sim racing gear available from brands targeting the more serious sim racers such as Fanatec, Asetek, Simucube, and more.  The cheap Logitech wheels are widely used by some of the fastest Sim Racers on the planet.

You may have heard the hype around Direct Drive wheelbases.  Which is the best method for providing the smoothest and most detailed force feedback to the driver.  Logitech has recently entered the Direct Drive market with the Logitech G Pro wheelbase and G Pro Load Cell Pedals. These come at a significant jump in price but have some clear benefits which we explored in our detailed reviews.

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