The driving experience with the G Pro gear is good, and like FullForce with Fanatec as previously mentioned, Logitech’s “TrueForce” force feedback technology adds additional detail to things like track texture and kerbs which isn’t present on other brand’s hardware in the games that support it. This adds to the overall immersion level, but isn’t likely to make you any faster.

The weakness with Logitech’s G Pro product line is that despite their wheel base having a quick release mechanism, in the 2 years since releasing this product line they haven’t expanded upon the ecosystem at all. So there is still only one steering wheel, and no G Pro handbrake or shifter available, which is a major detractor from this ecosystem, especially for console users who don’t have the option to mix and match hardware.

    As part of our Essential Direct Drive Sim Racing Buyer's Guide we covered the most important details of the Logitech ecosystem.

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Logitech Pros and Cons


  • Natively console compatible (PlayStation & Xbox)
  • Force Feedback is strong enough for the majority of people
  • Ability to tune force feedback and driving settings or switch profiles directly from the wheel
  • Industry’s best compatibility and game level integration (Many games already have presets baked in, etc)
  • Very approachable and easy to use software that provides a good driving experience right out of the box.
  • Excellent consistency in the driving experience between different games
  • TrueForce genuinely adds immersion to the driving experience for the games that support it
  • Cockpit or wheel stand not essential. Integrated table clamp and pedals can be used on the floor without the need to purchase additional accessories


  • Limited ecosystem of products within the G-Pro line and no publicly available road map for future products make this otherwise great product hard to recommend against competitors. No G-Pro Shifter or Handbrake available.
  • Uses Logitech’s G-Hub software which a lot of people consider bloatware (high parasitic load compared to competitors).
  • Base is physically very large which limits installation options