Moza exploded onto the scene out of nowhere in 2021 with their R16 Direct Drive wheel base, and took advantage of Fanatec’s stock problems at the time by releasing a huge range of products and very quickly building a large market share. They now boast an extensive ecosystem with Load Cell pedals, wheelbases ranging from an entry level 5NM, all the way through to their high end R21 21NM wheel base, shifters and a hand brake. They also have a large variety of wheels to suit various budgets and driving styles, and even recently released a dedicated truck sim wheel!

Due to their rapid growth and the speed in which they’ve released products, the products themselves are a little less refined than we find elsewhere, but overall they provide a good driving experience for the aggressive price point which has certainly been a big factor in their success.

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    As part of our Essential Direct Drive Sim Racing Buyer's Guide we covered the most important details of the MOZA ecosystem.

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MOZA Racing Pros and Cons


  • Extensive ecosystem with something to suit just about everyone
  • Can upgrade your base without having to upgrade all your wheels
  • Great (and cheap) Quick Release
  • Well established reseller network


  • No Native Console Compatibility (R3 3NM Xbox compatible bundle was announced 9 months ago but has not been released as of the time of writing)
  • Build quality and materials not as refined as other alternatives but OK for price
  • More filtering required in force feedback settings than other alternatives in order to remove robotic feel, which also sacrifices fine force feedback detail.
  • Software is glitchy and unrefined compared to other brands despite lots of adjustability.
  • Current pedal offerings are inferior to competitors even at the same price point
  • Many users report overheating issues when using more aggressive force feedback settings
  • Shipping price varies massively depending on location so shop around