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Since filming this review Asetek have dropped their prices significantly across most their products.
Prices below are taken from the US Global Store excluding taxes and shipping.

La Prima 2 Pedal Set: US$334.99
La Prima Wheel and Base Bundle: US$964.99
La Prima Wheel, Base and Pedal Bundle: US$1214.99

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The Asetek SimSports range of Sim Racing gear has hit the ground running with what has proven to be excellent quality hardware that provides a very good driving experience.  With their entry-level La Prima range now available, there is a new entry point to getting Asetek hardware on your sim racing setup. The La Prima range provides much of what we have come to appreciate about the more expensive Asetek gear, while only sacrificing features that might be considered a luxury.

Watch our detailed review of the La Prima Pedals, 12Nm Wheelbase and Formula Wheel to get the complete rundown of the driving experience, how the La Prima Range compares to the Forte range, or if something like the MOZA R12 could be a good alternative.

La Prima Pedals:

With the same Load Cell brake as the Forte Pedals, this 2 pedal set is just missing the adjustable spring for the throttle, and LED strip on the heel rest.

La Prima Formula Wheel:

With a very similar design to the Forte wheel, the La Prima Formula wheel only really misses four of the six thumb encoders on the forte, and some LED lighting.  It still provides a very ergonomic driving experience with a build quality very similar to the more expensive Forte wheel.

La Prima Wheelbase:

This 12Nm Direct Drive wheelbase provides a very similar experience to the 18Nm Forte base making it a very interesting option for those who don’t need the extra strength of the Forte or Invicta Wheelbases.

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