Complete Guide for Asetek SimSports Sim Racing Hardware

Asetek Simsports High-End Sim Racing wheels, Direct Drive bases, and Pedal Sets have proven to be some of the best quality on the market. They now offer three price point tiers, La Prima, Forte, and Invicta. Asetek has omitted some features in the cheaper products which could be considered luxuries to some users, without compromising on the overall build quality, and minimizing the impact on the driving experience as much as possible. We've had the chance to spend quality time with all the Aetek Simsports products, to find out where the best value lies within the Asetek ecosystem, and how they stack up against other popular Sim Racing manufacturers.

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New Asetek Wheels!

The newly launched La Prima and Forte Button boxes combined with 6 new wheel rims of varying shape and grip material gives Asetek users 12 new options to branch out from the existing Formula-style wheels.

With a lot of the design and features we like carried over from the Formula wheels, these look to be a great option for those after a Round, D-shape or Open Top in Leather, Alcantara or “Comfort+” grips.

We took a close look at all these new bits of gear from Asetek to see how they fit in with the Asetek Ecosystem, and how they compare to the competition.

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Direct Drive Wheelbase
Max Torque: 12 Nm
Slew Rate: 4 Nm/ms
22 Bit Encoder
LEDs: 0
H: 133mm W: 132mm L: 293mm
Weight: 8.5kg
PSU: 180W

Formula Wheel
Programmable Rev Lights: 15
Programmable Flag Lights: 0
Other Programmable LEDs: 0
Push Buttons: 12
2-way Toggle Switches: 0
7-way Kinky Switches: 2
Rotary Encoders: 3
Thumb Encoders: 2
Carbon Reinforced Nylon Housing
Swappable grips

La Prima Pedals
M.L.C.P.C Load Cell Brake
(Same brake as Forte Pedals)
La Prima Throttle
See our La Prima Bundle Review


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La Prima Wheel Base:
La Prima Wheel and Base Bundle:

La Prima 2 Pedal Set:
La Prima Wheel, Base and 2 Pedal Bundle:
La Prima Clutch:

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Direct Drive Wheelbase:
Max Torque: 18 Nm
Slew Rate: 6.7 Nm/ms
22 Bit Encoder
LEDs: 4 x 21 LED Strips
H: 133mm W: 132mm L: 293mm
Weight: 8.5kg
PSU: 400W

Formula Wheel:
Programmable Rev Lights: 15
Programmable Flag Lights: 6
Other Programmable LEDs: 28
Push Buttons: 12
2-way Toggle Switches: 2
7-way Kinky Switches: 2
Rotary Encoders: 3
Thumb Encoders: 6
Carbon Reinforced Nylon Housing
Swappable grips

Forte Pedals:
M.L.C.P.C Load Cell Brake
Forte Throttle
See our Asetek Forte Pedal Review


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Forte Wheelbase:
Forte Formula Wheel:
Forte 2 Pedal Set:
Forte Bundle:

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Direct Drive Wheelbase:
Max Torque: 27 Nm
Slew Rate: 9.4 Nm/ms
22 Bit Encoder
LEDs: 6 x 25 LED Strips
H: 133mm W: 132mm L: 327mm
Weight: 11.3kg
PSU: 400W

Invicta Pedals:
T.H.O.R.P Hydraulic Brake Pedal
Invicta Throttle
Invicta Clutch (Optional)
See our Asetek Invicta Pedal Review


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Invicta Wheelbase:
Invicta 2 Pedal Set:
Invicta Bundle: (Forte Wheel)

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Console Compatibility

The Asetek range of Sim Racing products is not officially supported for console use at this time. However, some “hacks” can get you going on a console.  No time frame for official console compatibility with the Asetek Simsports products has been announced.

Once they are able, Asetek will offer a wheelbase/wheel motherboard upgrade for console compatibility.

Asetek Wheelbase overview

Asetek has provided three price points in their wheelbase range.  All of which share a significant amount of hardware and the same level of build quality with each other.  Costs have been reduced on the Forte and La Prima models in areas that have very minimal impact on the driving experience other than the maximum force available.

La Prima Wheelbase

At 12Nm peak torque, the La Prima still packs a good punch.  Considering many sim racers dial back more powerful wheelbases to around this level anyway, it is a very generous offering for their “Entry Level” wheelbase.  The La Prima wheelbase removes all LED strips and additional USB ports which are found on the Invicta wheelbase.

The La Prima wheelbase will one day be upgradable to a Forte.  In the words of Asetek CEO “You buy a new PCB, a new Power Supply, the LED Strips, and BOOM, you have a Forte”

La Prima Vs Forte:
With both bases set to a peak torque of 12Nm, the La Prima offers an extremely similar force feedback experience to that of the Forte.  The La Prima has a slightly lower Slew Rate to the Forte, which I had expected to result in slightly less responsiveness in the Force Feedback and reduce the sense of connection with the car, but in reality, this was not the case.

With the reduced dynamic range of the La Prima, you are still able to dial in road texture and other fine details to get just as much feedback through the wheel as you can with the Forte.  But for those who are after extreme forces on impacts, or want to be wrestling the car through corners with all their might, there is an argument that there is some added immersion available with the stronger bases.

As an alternative to the La Prima, it is worth looking at the MOZA R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase if you need to save a bit of money. The R12 also offers 12 Nm of peak torque, with very good detail and overall driving experience. But for those who are able to stretch their budget to the Asetek La Prima, you will be getting a superior Force Feedback Experience which we discussed in detail in our La Prima Review.

Asetek La Prima Wheelbase

Forte Wheelbase

The Forte Wheelbase steps up the peak torque to 18Nm. In my opinion, this is likely to be more than enough for most sim racers and the overall experience is influenced much more by the details in the force feedback rather than the peak torque once you get up to around the 15Nm mark.

So the Forte is 1Nm more than a Simucube 2 Sport, and feels similar to the strength of the Fanatec ClubSport DD+ which is rated at 15Nm of holding torque.  All three of these wheel bases provide fantastic force feedback, making the decision for one over the other likely to be based more on the overall ecosystem than the quality of force feedback itself.  (Keep in mind we have not been able to test the final implementation of the “FullForce” protocol  on the Fanatec ClubSport bases.)

We also get the addition of 4 X 21 LED strips, and an emergency stop or “Torque Off” switch which are not available on the La Prima base.

Invicta Wheelbase

The Asetek Invicta Direct Drive Wheelbase boasts a massive 27Nm peak torque which puts it between the Simucube 2 Pro and Ultimate Wheelbases, and slightly above the 25Nm Fanatec DD2.  Again, it’s important to remember that peak torque is far from the only factor in determining FFB performance on a wheelbase.  The full range of Asetek wheelbases all boast a high resolution which on paper looks great, but the proof is in the driving experience.  The Invicta wheelbases offer in my opinion the best force feedback experience available, it is a very close race with the Simucube 2 Ultimate which I have installed on my daily driver.  The Asetek bases however have an edge in terms of responsiveness which gives a sense of connectedness to the car which I have not experienced before.  Be sure to watch our full review video to get a better sense of exactly why I think the Invicta has the edge over Simucube.

Physically, the Invicta wheelbase has additional LEDs and is a slightly bigger and heavier unit.

Asetek Formula Wheel Overview

At this point, Asetek has only announced a Formula-style wheel. The La Prima Formula wheel is available only with the La Prima Bundle, and the Forte Formula Wheel.  Both are 290mm in diameter, which is perfect for Formula-style cars but slightly too small to be ideal for GT3 and similar styles. Particularly with such strong wheelbases, having less leverage with a smaller wheel will likely feel a bit twitchy in cars with less downforce.

The Forte Formula Wheel houses a huge amount of inputs and programmable LEDs in a Carbon Reinforced Nylon Housing.  I always love to see thumb encoders, particularly on formula wheels, and this has six of them!  The rotary encoders are 12 “absolute position” encoders, so your sim will know the position of the encoder rather than receiving an up or down pulse.  We then have two toggle switches and two 7-way funky switches, which will give excellent control of HUDs and game menus.

The La Prima wheel is a fantastic cheaper alternative, as it is using the same quality construction.  Overall it provides a very similar driving experience with the only missing features being the Flag LEDs, Button LEDs and four thumb encoders, but there are still two!  These features are nice to have, which could make the Forte Wheel worth the extra money for some drivers, but they are definitely not deal breakers that have an enormous impact on the driving experience.

The La Prima and Forte Formula wheels come with two magnetic shifter paddles, and both can be upgraded to have two additional magnetic paddles and two analog clutch paddles.

Both wheels have the same quick-release system which has proven to be easy to use, rock solid, and reliable.  When we first tested the Forte Wheel we had issues with the latch being too weak meaning the wheel could be forced off without pulling the lever.  Asetek pulled the wheel from production when this was discovered and has now fitted their quick-release with a stiffer spring.  We can’t get it to budge anymore and are confident that the problem has been solved.

Is there an Invicta Formula Wheel?

Not yet.  Asetek has hinted at an Invicta Wheel with an integrated dash, but “due to the global parts shortage” it is not yet available.

Asetek La Prima Formula Wheel
Asetek Forte Formula Wheel

Using Third Party Wheels with Asetek Bases

Asetek Simsports are now the most open ecosystem available when it comes to compatibility and ease of use with third-party wheels.
Their Invicta Quick Release adaptor provides 70mm and 50.8mm bolt patterns which can easily be installed on your wheel of choice. But unlike any other wheelbase manufacturer, their quick release provides a USB plug on the wheel side of the quick release.  This means you can plug any USB-compatible wheel right into the quick release, avoiding the need for cables to go back to your PC or even to the wheelbase where cables will wind up as the wheel turns.  Hopefully, wheel manufacturers will start making shorted cables to make this an even neater system.

Asetek is also working with a number of the top Sim Racing wheel manufacturers to create an Asetek-specific version of their wheels that will fully integrate into the Asetek quick release with no cables at all.  In practice, this will be much like the Simucube Specific wireless wheels from Cube Controls for example, but rather than using a wireless protocol to the wheelbase and battery power, the data and power will be transferred through the native quick-release system.

Asetek Pedals Overview

Asetek La Prima Pedals:
The La Prima Pedals come as a 2 Pedal set with an optional clutch, which appears to be identical to the throttle with no two-stage clutch mechanism.

The Brake Pedal on the La Prima is the exact same pedal as on the Forte pedal set, which includes the “M.L.C.P.C.” (Mechanical Load Cell Powered Cylinder).  This load cell brake really excels for those after a short throw and stiff pedal feel. If that’s not you, I would recommend trying to adjust your current pedals to be stiffer and shorter if possible. One of the benefits for me when first using the Asetek pedals, was being forced to use this short-throw approach.  I definitely found it to change my braking technique for the best, and have seen lap times and consistency improve because of this.  But for those who want the adjustability of going from a formula or GT-style car to a Streetcar with a long brake pedal throw, this might not be the brake for you.

The La Prima throttle is very basic.  It is essentially the same as the Forte and Invicta throttles, but without the main adjustable spring that provides the primary resistance on those pedals, and relies only on a small spring at the pivot point of the pedal to create resistance.  The La Prima pedal is smooth and has a good amount of adjustability in the travel of the pedal, and provides everything you need to drive fast and consistently, but if you want to make the pedal any stiffer, we’re told that soon you’ll be able to convert it to a forte pedal by purchasing the spring mechanism on its own.

Asetek Forte Pedals:
In addition to the upgraded throttle pedal, the Forte pedals also include an LED strip in the heel rest, which at the moment can only be set to a static colour.  In the future, this should be telemetry controlled, to provide feedback from your Sim such as flag alerts or ABS activation etc.

Asetek Invicta Pedals:
Do you need a hydraulic brake for Sim Racing?  No… But it’s cool.

The Invicta Hydraulic brake does add a noticeable amount of texture to the brake pedal and removes a tiny amount of sloppiness you can get in the load cell brakes if you have the initial phase in the pedal stroke set up quite loose. But it is definitely a luxury item for Sim Racing, and probably won’t make you a better driver.

Having said that, this has been my favourite hydraulic brake pedal, due to its simplicity, consistency, and reliability. Having used it for hundreds of hours over 18 months, it never skipped a beat. And I have only switched away from these to go to the Simcube ActivePedals, which are a completely different ball game.

The Invicta Hydraulic brake focuses on doing one thing, being a short and stiff pedal, and does it really well.  There are pedals with much more adjustability available.  But if you don’t want that, then this has got to be a contender for the best Sim Racing brake pedal.

The Invicta Throttle is the same as the Forte but with the Invicta pedal pads which are better suited to driving with boots.

The Clutch pedal has an adjustable rollover point which mimics the feel of a bite point in a real clutch.  Asetek has done a good job of this while keeping the design quite simple, but there are other pedals out there that would be better suited to the type of cars you are likely to be relying on a clutch pedal heavily for.  My choice for pedals with more versatility would be the VRS Direct Force Pro pedals or the Heusinkveld Ultimate + Pedals.

Invicta Long Travel Kit:
Because of the lack of adjustability, Asetek now has a Long Travel Kit for the Invicta pedal, which will extend the throw of the brake pedal by 10mm for US$/€15.96 (Excl. VAT).

Asetek Forte S Pedals
Asetek Invicta Pedal Review
Asetek La Prima Pedals 2

Mounting Options

Wheelbase mounting is an important factor in choosing the right wheelbase for your sim-rig.
The following options are currently available:

  • Side Mount with Tilt: US$/€ 71.99 (Excl. VAT)
  • Bottom Mount: US$/€ 55.99 (Excl. VAT)
  • Bottom Mount with Tilt: US$/€ 63.99 (Excl. VAT)
  • Front Mount: US$/€ 119.99 (Excl. VAT)

The front mount is the most solid of these options and will be the best of the options from Asetek for mounting any of their bases on a standard aluminium profile cockpit.  I am excited to see that Simcore have now made a mounting bracket for Asetek wheelbases, which means you can use their very sturdy UM1 mounts.

Asetek DD Mounts

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