With 2022 done and dusted and the infamous Global Parts Shortage seemingly easing, we could be in for a very big 2023.  But despite the limited hardware production last year, we posted 34 review videos for a total of 1 day, 1 hour, 31 minutes and 38 seconds worth of content!

TOP 5 OF 2022

To help digest all that, we’ve picked out the 5 Sim Racing products that impressed us most in the last 12 months.

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5 | Asetek Invicta and Forte Sim Racing Pedals

The Asetek Invicta pedals are the first all-in-one sealed hydraulic brake that we’ve tested.  Its unique approach to a short throw, stiff brake with limited adjustability genuinely challenged my approach to brake pedal feel and setup.  Because of this, I was forced to adopt this stiffer setup which lead to a significant improvement in my braking technique and ultimately improved lap times and consistency.

We have been running the Invicta pedals on our main sim rig for all our racing content throughout the year and have been very impressed with the long-term performance and reliability of these pedals.

The more recent release of the Forte pedals offers a Load Cell brake rather than a hydraulic system for a much cheaper price.  The load cell version has a very similar overall feel to the hydraulic brake, providing much of the same characteristics that you need to develop muscle memory and sensitivity on the brake pedal.

Be sure to check out our full review of both these pedal sets for all the details and how we think they stack up to the Heusinkveld Ultimate+ and Heusinkveld Sprint pedals which we reviewed in 2021.

4 | O'Rouge Cold Fusion

The Cold Fusion Sim Racing Seat from O’Rouge was a product that really exceeded our expectations.  This actively cooled seat with an array of fans and a membrane cushion design which diffuses the airflow throughout the seat.  Rather than giving you the feeling of air being blown onto you while driving, it essentially keeps the seat cool with fresh air circulating throughout.

Cooling aside, it is a very good seat which we found very comfortable and strong.

3 | Logitech G-Pro Racing Wheel

The Logitech G Pro Racing wheel really impressed us due to the quality of Force Feedback.  TrueForce brings a genuinely unique experience and added level of immersion, by adding another layer of fine detail on top of the already good force feedback characteristics.  While TrueForce was laughed at when first implemented on the G923 entry-level racing wheels, it has really proven its value on this 11Nm Direct Drive wheelbase.

The Logitech G Pro is by no means perfect. The large footprint is an obvious negative factor when compared to a lot of new Direct Drive wheelbases that are available.  You are also limited to just one wheel rim available from Logitech at the time of our review.  We were also not particularly impressed with the Logitech G-Pro Pedals.  They do the job quite well, but there are definitely better options when it comes to pedals. This makes the complete G-Pro package not the best value available at the moment.

But its impressive Force Feedback and implementation of TRUEFORCE surpassed our expectations, making it worthy of a spot on the list!

2 | MOZA R9 and R5 Direct Drive Wheelbases

The MOZA R5 5Nm Direct Drive wheelbase really impressed us with its driving experience and build quality.  However, the overall value proposition is let down by being available only in a bundle with the SR-P Lite Pedals.  The included pedals are nothing special at all, with very little definition and feeling.  Because of that, you will most likely want to upgrade your pedals if purchasing the R5, which leads me to believe that the R9 is a much better option.

The Moza R9 is available to purchase on its own, meaning you can get the wheel and pedals you want as well.  That obviously brings the price up, as the current Moza wheels are not particularly cheap, but looking at the R9 on its own, you have a very well-refined product that went above and beyond our expectations in driving experience for a very competitive price.

MOZA have been bringing out new products at an impressive rate, so we look forward to seeing what else they bring in 2023.  While you can use an aftermarket adapter to use a wheel from another brand, it would be great to see some more wheels available at a lower price to pair with the R9 wheelbase.

1 | Fanatec CSL Elite V2 Pedals

The V2 edition of the Fanatec CSL Elite pedals boasts a new and improved load cell design on the brake, and hall effect sensors on the throttle and clutch.  While they don’t look very different to the original CSL Elite pedals, they have successfully addressed the issues which were holding back the V1 pedals.  We have put them in the number one position on this list due to their exceptionally good driving experience and build quality for the price.

These pedals provide everything you need to drive fast and consistently for a very good price.  We’ve tested so many pedal sets, many of which cost thousands of dollars, but Fanatec has managed to provide a driving experience that comes remarkably close to some very expensive sets, for a fraction of the cost.  There are of course benefits to more expensive pedal sets, but Fanatec has made a real statement with these pedals by providing everything you need and nothing you don’t for a very good price.

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