Comfort is a significant issue holding many gamers and Sim Racers back from committing to VR.  And while VR offers an extremely immersive visual experience, the reality is that other factors such as comfort and workflow can easily outweigh the benefits of VR. But you only need to take one look at the Bigscreen Beyond VR Headset to see that many of those issues have been addressed.

With each unit custom-built to your face, the incredibly small and lightweight design of the Bigscreen Beyond unlocks a potential for VR that I haven’t seen before.  Add to that its ease of use and simple workflow, and you’ve got what I think is one of the most exciting bits of hardware of 2023.

Be sure to watch our detailed look at the Bigscreen Beyond VR Headset prototype, to see how I got along with it after extensive use in the past few weeks.  I’ll take a deep dive into whether this answers your concerns about VR for Sim Racing, and what compromises have been made to make that possible.

We have now also taken a close look at a full retail unit to see how they have polished off the Bigscreen Beyond VR Headset.

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