With so many brands offering super-high-end Sim Racing Wheels, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd.  VPG has taken a bold approach with their 290mm Stealth wheel.  And while it is the cheapest in their line-up of wheels coming in at “just” £1199.00 (EX VAT), they have not held back when it comes to build quality and attention to detail.

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VPG Stealth Sim Racing Wheel

VPG Stealth Racing Wheel Features

  • 290mm Diameter
  • Beautifully executed Custom Injection Moulded Grips
  • 2 x Thumb encoders
  • 3 X Rotary Encoders with Telemetry controlled RGB LEDs
  • “Stealth Lighting System”
  • Industrial Grade M12 Connector
  • 5mm Forged Carbon Fibre Plate and Paddles
  • Billet Aluminium Front and Back Cover, and paddle assemblies
  • Dual clutch bite point adjustable in-game on-wheel
  • Simhub compatible with preset device ready to go
  • 70mm and 50mm hub bolt patterns
  • Standalone connectivity to PC – independent of wheelbase


  • Limited inputs and features compared to many other wheels
  • 4-way switch difficult to reach while driving
  • Rotary encoders are NOT Multi Position Switches
  • Polarising design which won’t appeal to everyone


  • Very simple installation and set-up process
  • Compatibility through Simhub offers unlimited creative control over lighting
  • Lighting system works very well for flag and spotter signals
  • Grips are the nicest I have used
  • UV Printed caps look great
  • Build quality is outstanding with a high-end feel and look
VPG Stealth Review
VPG Stealth Review
VPG Stealth Review


When deciding which will be the best high-end sim racing wheel for you, so much will come down to personal preference.  Some people probably won’t like the appearance of the VPG stealth and would be far better off going for one of the more feature-rich options such as the much cheaper Cube Controls F-PRO Wireless Sim Racing Wheel or similarly priced Cube Controls CSX3.
However, the implementation of the Stealth Lighting System is quite cool, and the construction quality makes this a striking centrepiece for your rig, which did grow on me over time.

But for those who just love the look of the VPG Stealth wheel, you will not be disappointed.  If this has everything you need as far as buttons and inputs, you will really enjoy having this on your rig.  In particular, the custom injection moulded grips are really fantastic. I would go as far as saying they are the nicest grips I have felt.  So overall the VPG Stealth lives up to the high-end price tag with a very high-end feel that is extremely comfortable to use while bringing plenty of bling to your rig.