I put this video together after receiving hundreds of requests through my YouTube channel for Overclocking settings for the 8700K and 8086K.

In this video I go through the settings I’m running for my 5.2GHz overclock on my ASUS Maximus X Motherboard, as well as my recommended settings for initial setup of your processor. The video also explains what all the various settings mean at a overview level, as well as some discussion around safe VCORE settings and how CPUs become damaged.

Personally I’m against quick and dirty “here use these settings” videos because they don’t teach the principles, so I plan on making some much more detailed videos over the coming weeks, but in this video I tried to strike a balance for the people that just want something that will work out of the box whilst also teaching some basic fundamentals. The principles covered in this video can be applied to most Z370 chipset based motherboards with small variations.