So you’ve got yourself an Android Head Unit (or other device) and now you want to fully customize it to make it your own… You’ll need ROOT for that!

“Rooting” may sound vulgar, but all it really means is allowing root level file system access. Android devices typically only allow you to modify certain files and folders, and lock you out of the system or root level files so you can’t break anything critical. Rooting your devices does away with this limitation and allows you to do just about anything.

*Stop Bloatware from cluttering your apps drawer and slowing your device down
*Change boot animations
*Modify icons, graphics and system layout
*Deeper control of audio, graphics, etc.
*Install custom bootloaders/recoveries and ROMs.
*Pretty much anything else you can think of.

Be aware that rooting your device CAN brick your device if not done correctly, and allows you to delete critical files which will stop your device working. Do this at your own risk!