Fanatec recently announced the CSL DD, the cheapest (by a long shot) Direct Drive Sim Racing Wheel Base to hit the market yet, and boy has it generated some hype!

So let’s take a look at the announcement, distil the contained information, and set some realistic expectations in the lead up to the release of this exciting new product.


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  • Direct-Drive system delivers instant, detailed force feedback
  • Linear, consistent performance (5 Nm peak torque with standard power supply)
  • Patented, exclusive FluxBarrier™ technology optimises motor efficiency and smoothness
  • Full Fanatec SDK support ensures game compatibility out of the box for all major racing games
  • Standard Tuning Menu allows beginners to get started quickly without having to worry about settings
  • Advanced Tuning Menu allows enthusiasts to fine-tune the force feedback characteristics to suit their driving preferences
  • High-resolution (contactless) Hall-position-sensor, same as Podium Series
  • Steering axis made from carbon fibre-enhanced composite
  • Fanless – wheel base housing is made from aluminium (passive heat sink, core structural component) with composite end caps
  • Wireless-QR technology (slip ring system, life-tested 24/7 for thousands of hours) means no mechanical rotation limiter, provides cable-free delivery of power and data to steering wheels
  • Automotive-grade quick release, exchangeable T-nut rail system on sides and bottom for easily adjustable hard-mounting