Advertisers are quickly realizing the power of Social Media and are making the move from traditional sources of advertising such as TV and Radio, to paid advertising and endorsements from trusted Social Media “influencers”.

Social Media influencers are rapidly becoming the most valuable advertising tool at a company’s disposal because more often than not they’re willing to work very cheaply compared to traditional advertising costs. In fact in many cases business can get away with simply providing a product at their own cost price in exchange for a video, effectively making the advertising free! But more importantly, people are much more likely to purchase a product based off their favorite YouTuber’s opinion than seeing an ad on TV. Win/Win for any business trying to sell you a product!

But this has created a serious problem. the lines between honest reviews and paid endorsements are being blurred! So as a viewer, how can you tell is a YouTube Content Creator is giving an honest review or has sold out and is just saying what they’ve been paid to say?

In this video I talk about my own experience with these issues from the perspective of a viewer and a content creator.

I’d like to once again thank every one of you who watches my videos. I never ever expected my channel to grow this big and it wouldn’t be possible without each and every one of you 🙂