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Thrustmaster FAQs

How To Open Thrustmaster Control Panel

The Thrustmaster Control Panel can not be opened through the start menu. Instead, find the Thrustmaster control panel and Thrustmaster settings by going to:

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Scroll down to “Media Devices” > Right Click your Thrustmaster device > Game Controller Settings > Properties

How To Connect Thrustmaster to Xbox one

Thrustmaster wheels with XBOX compatibility include the TS-XW Servo Base, TX Racing Wheel, T248, TMX Force Feedback, Ferrari 457 Spider Racing Wheel, T3PM Pedals, and many other accessories. Xbox Compatible Thrustmaster devices are plug-and-play.  Just power them up, plug in the USB to your Xbox and away you go!

How to Setup Thrustmaster t80 On PC

Head to the Thrustmaster Support Page to download your T80 drivers
With your t80 UNPLUGGED, open the downloaded file and follow the prompts to install the software.
You will see the message “Please Connect all of the Thrustmaster products you want to install” – Plug in your device now and hit next.  Then just lick finish and open up your game! Once complete, your wheel should be detected.

Thrustmaster Where To Buy

Thrustmaster is available around the world through many physical stores and online retailers.  But to get 5% off, use our Thrustmaster Discount Code “Boosted” at Pagnian Advanced Simulation.

What Is The Best Thrustmaster Wheel?

The Thrustmaster T300 is widely considered one of the best value sim racing wheels from any brand.  It is reliable and provides a good force feedback experience for a low price.  While there are more expensive Thrustmaster wheel bases that provide more strength and detail, the T300 has become a benchmark for budget-friendly sim racing wheels.

Is Thrustmaster good?

Yes! Considering the low prices, and high availability of Thrustmaster Sim Racing gear, they offer a very good range of Sim Racing products to suit more entry-level racing simulator setups.  Although there are much higher quality sim racing peripherals available from the likes of Fanatec, MOZA, and Simucube for example, that comes at a significant cost.  So if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to get into sim racing, Thrustmaster is a great option.

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Advanced SimRacing Reviews

Advanced SimRacing

Advanced SimRacing is not just a manufacturer of Sim Racing Cockpits and accessories.  They are also an official reseller of a huge range of Sim Racing gear.  They ship globally and offer free shipping to Continental U.S. and Canada (excluding Yukon, Northwest Territories & Nunavut).

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Advanced Sim Racing branded products with

Sim Racing Brands available at Advanced SimRacing:

  • Ascher Racing
  • Asetek SimSports
  • ButtKicker
  • Cube Controls
  • D-Box
  • Gomez Sim Industries
  • Heusinkveld
  • Logitech
  • Meca Sim Hardware
  • MOZA Racing
  • Next Level Racing
  • Simcore
  • Simucube
  • Thrustmaster
  • TURN Racing
  • Varjo
  • Venym
  • Virtual Racing School
  • MORE!

Virtual Racing School Reviews

VRS Racing Product

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Cammus is a relatively new brand to Sim Racing who as well as some more conventional style wheelbases which we’re yet to test, also sell some interesting bases that integrate the wheel and base into a single compact unit which can be table or rig mounted.

Cammus gear is very aggressively priced and boasts impressive materials and presentation for the price, utilising things like genuine carbon fibre and machined aluminium. However the products we’ve tested do have a similar level or refinement to Moza, with minor defects being present on most of the samples we’ve received.. That said, the quality of the force feedback on all the bases that we’ve tested so far has been impressive for the money.

Their ecosystem is still somewhat immature at the time of writing, but they’re certainly one to keep an eye on into the future.

    As part of our Essential Direct Drive Sim Racing Buyer's Guide we covered the most important details of the Cammus ecosystem.

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CAMMUS LC100 Review

CAMMUS LC100 – Budget Load Cell Pedal Review

Finding the best Load Cell Sim Racing Pedals for your needs and budget can be quite overwhelming, with a huge range of options available to PC Sim Racers.  But the rabbit warren of gear quickly leads to hefty price tags for what is essentially a fairly basic task! The CAMMUS LC100 pedals have…

Cammus C12 Detailed Review

CAMMUS C12 Direct Drive Steering Wheel – Detailed Review

What if I told you you could buy a Direct Drive sim racing wheel that’s compact enough to easily stash away when not in use, packs more punch than most people will ever need, and costs half as much as a comparable system from another brand? Meet the Cammus C12 Direct Drive Sim Racing Wheel.…

Cammus C5 Review

Cammus C5 – Cheapest and Smallest DD Wheelbase

Cammus C5 Review The Cheap and Tiny Direct Drive Wheelbase Punching Way Above Its Weight! Just recently there has been a ferocious battle for the cheapest Direct Drive Sim Racing Setup.  MOZA Racing with their entry-level R5 Wheelbase, which can be bundled with a wheel and pedals for just…

CAMMUS Pros and Cons


  • Impressive Force Feedback for the money
  • Very compact systems available


  • No Native Console Compatibility
  • Integrated bases like the C5 and C12 do not have interchangeable wheels
  • Build quality and materials not as refined as other alternatives but OK for price
  • Current pedal offerings are inferior to competitors even at a similar price point
  • Immature ecosystem (no handbrake, shifter, etc).
  • Immature software that lacks a lot of the adjustments and features found elsewhere
  • Shipping price varies massively depending on location so shop around

Logitech Wheel Reviews

Logitech G

The driving experience with the G Pro gear is good, and like FullForce with Fanatec as previously mentioned, Logitech’s “TrueForce” force feedback technology adds additional detail to things like track texture and kerbs which isn’t present on other brand’s hardware in the games that support it. This adds to the overall immersion level, but isn’t likely to make you any faster.

The weakness with Logitech’s G Pro product line is that despite their wheel base having a quick release mechanism, in the 2 years since releasing this product line they haven’t expanded upon the ecosystem at all. So there is still only one steering wheel, and no G Pro handbrake or shifter available, which is a major detractor from this ecosystem, especially for console users who don’t have the option to mix and match hardware.

    As part of our Essential Direct Drive Sim Racing Buyer's Guide we covered the most important details of the Logitech ecosystem.

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Logitech Pros and Cons


  • Natively console compatible (PlayStation & Xbox)
  • Force Feedback is strong enough for the majority of people
  • Ability to tune force feedback and driving settings or switch profiles directly from the wheel
  • Industry’s best compatibility and game level integration (Many games already have presets baked in, etc)
  • Very approachable and easy to use software that provides a good driving experience right out of the box.
  • Excellent consistency in the driving experience between different games
  • TrueForce genuinely adds immersion to the driving experience for the games that support it
  • Cockpit or wheel stand not essential. Integrated table clamp and pedals can be used on the floor without the need to purchase additional accessories


  • Limited ecosystem of products within the G-Pro line and no publicly available road map for future products make this otherwise great product hard to recommend against competitors. No G-Pro Shifter or Handbrake available.
  • Uses Logitech’s G-Hub software which a lot of people consider bloatware (high parasitic load compared to competitors).
  • Base is physically very large which limits installation options

Asetek Simsports Reviews

Asetek SimSports

Asetek SimSports are a relative newcomer to the Direct Drive market, having only released their first wheel base about a year ago at the time of writing. Their first product, the Invicta hydraulic sim racing pedals were released about a year before that.

However they are a division of a much larger company in Asetek who make a lot of the All-In-One water cooling products you probably have in your gaming PC, as well as for huge server farms, etc, so despite their relatively small market share in Sim racing, they are a big company with a lot of money behind them to innovate in the sim racing space. They came straight out of the gate with impressively well refined products, and their ecosystem is maturing quickly.

Asetek Simsports market their products in 3 distinct tiers which are intended to suit the needs and budget of sim racers within the mid to high end market. However they have taken a unique approach to this, and where other brands sacrifice build quality and materials in their lower end hardware, Asetek Simsports removes features like extra buttons, LED lighting, motor strength, etc to reduce the price of their cheaper products.

This means not only are the materials used and the overall build quality is consistent across the range, but many of their products can be upgraded from La Prima spec to Forte. Pretty cool!

    As part of our Essential Direct Drive Sim Racing Buyer's Guide we covered the most important details of the Asetek ecosystem.

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Asetek SimSports Pros and Cons


  • Industry leading Force Feedback quality
  • Outstanding quick release and open ecosystem that allows just about any wheel to be used wirelessly with their bases
  • Clean and easy to use software despite being feature rich
  • Products are cross compatible between product ranges and in some cases even upgradeable without the need to buy a whole new device
  • Outstanding customer service as reported by most customers we’ve spoken to
  • Rapidly expanding network of partner wheel manufacturers
  • Backed by a large parent company with greater resources than some smaller competitors.


  • No Native Console Compatibility
  • Limited ecosystem with no shifter or handbrake at the time of writing
  • Current wheels are…. let’s say “polarising” in their visual design
  • Products use a different mounting pattern to well established competitors which means you may have to drill holes in some cockpits to mount properly